We believe in aggressively pursuing justice for our clients.

Too often, amidst the emotional turbulence of the death of a loved one, our clients are faced with a secondary trauma. They find out that a family member, trusted caregiver, or even a stranger has defrauded their loved one of money or property. Our firm has seen many variations of this problem, from properties transferred out of a trust by undue influence of a caregiver or even family member, to a will created by an elderly person while they were being persuaded by someone who held their trust.

Our firm helps clients by holding the wrongdoers accountable. Our track record of success is undisputed. We can help you recover your property.

Common Issues

The law firm of Stewart J. Levin is experienced in handling probate and trust issues, and we can help you to obtain your rightful property rights in estate and real property. Here are some of the avenues that we can pursue in order to regain what is rightfully yours.

Property and Estate Recovery:

  • Trust Contest
  • Will Contest
  • Financial Elder Abuse Lawsuit
  • Cancel Deed or Trust/Will Based Upon Undue Influence, Fraud, or Lack of Capacity

Holding The Fiduciaries Responsible:

  • Compelling the Fiduciary to Account
  • Removal of the Fiduciary for Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Requesting A Court Order to Surcharge Trustee or Administrator
  • Compelling Sharing of Trust, Will, or Estate Plan Information


Experienced Litigator

“Stewart believes the client comes first, and should be treated with respect. He provides effective and aggressive representation, and has a reputation and history of successful litigation results.”

— Cary Johnson, Attorney

Pursuit Of Justice

“Stewart is extremely comfortable and capable when confronted by ‘brand name’ law firms on the opposing side. His underlying desire to seek justice on our behalf allowed us a measure of peace, even as we grappled with the hardship of litigation.”

— Ellen G.

Resolves Complex Cases.

“Stewart’s litigation skills, negotiation expertise, and strategic insight have transformed complex situations into successfully resolved cases on many occasions.”

— Terry M. Magady, Esq., Elder Law Expert

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